how to make money from smartphone

Make Money From My Phone for Free in Kenya

Kenyans are yet to realize that their smartphones are potential sources of income. With the current unemployment situation in Kenya, you can take advantage of the latest technological trends to make money using your smartphone. …

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business licenses and permits kenya

Types of Business Permits in Kenya

Do you need a permit to open a business in Kenya? Yes. To operate a business in Kenya, you need to have a business permit. The Kenyan law requires that all companies operating within its …

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How to Get A University Scholarship in Kenya

Thousands of Kenyan students complete their secondary education with no hope of joining universities for financial reasons. Others complete their undergraduate programs but lack funds for masters or doctorate programs. There are channels in Kenya …

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Funding for Startups in Kenya

Starting a small business from scratch can be extremely challenging. Maintaining a business also requires one to have access to finance business growth. Luckily, in Kenya, there are several ways you can fund your business …

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invesing in kenya

Top Investment Companies in Kenya

Kenya is increasingly growing as an investment hub both in Africa and the world at large. Investors from all over the world are setting up firms leading to economic growth. There has been a tremendous …

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tanzania company registration

How to Register a Company in Tanzania

The registration of a business name and company in Tanzania involves several processes, documents and government institutions. The Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is the institution that deals with all the company incorporations in …

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profitable business ideas in kenya

Untapped Business Ideas in Kenya in 2021

With the increasing level of unemployment in Kenya, there is a need for youths and graduates to seek other means of making a livelihood apart from formal unemployment. Kenya universities are churning out many graduates …

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Business Ideas for Kenyan Campus Students

As a student, you can have a great time exploring entrepreneurship. There are plenty of different business opportunities that campus students can start without a lot of upfront expense or time commitment. Thousands of students …

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