Business Ideas for Kenyan Campus Students

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As a student, you can have a great time exploring entrepreneurship. There are plenty of different business opportunities that campus students can start without a lot of upfront expense or time commitment. Thousands of students are earning income through lucrative small businesses. Here are some business ideas that Kenyan campus students can try out.

Open A Cyber Café

Being a digital world, people thirst for new information. On-campus, lecturers and students are doing more research and to make this possible, they must have an internet connection. It may not be convenient for everyone to use the free Wi-Fi available in the college. For this reason, starting a cyber café will be an essential unit that will act as a source of knowledge to those who want to know more. Cybercafés are very profitable and highly thriving business opportunities.

Photocopy/Printing Shop

In a learning environment, photocopying and printing services are paramount and compulsory. Starting such a business as a student is a great idea. You can even talk to your lecturers to drop assignments at your shop and students will pick them at a small cost. You can also sell stationery in your shop.


Blogging is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money. If you have a passion for writing news, fiction, politics, and gossip, you can create a blog and get lots of traffic on your website, and then you can start earning from Google, or even companies who would like to make advertisements on your website. Make sure you become a member of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE).

business ideas for kenyan students

Open A Boutique

Campus students love being stylish and trendy. Opening a boutique is a good business idea that will have a ready market. As a student, you can survey what is trending, and you are good to go. You will need a store that is strategically positioned and get enough money to stock your boutique with different types of clothes and fashion accessories from different designers. If a store is not available, you can sell your items in the open, especially in the evening. When this is done, the money will start trickling in.

Start A Pool Centre

If you have an eye for business on campus, you will have noticed that the pool game is quite addictive. This goes without saying that once one starts to play the game, they will be visiting the pool center now and then. Grab this opportunity and start earning from it. You can even decide to sell drinks at the pool center. It will be a real catch.

business ideas for students in kenya

Video Gaming

Video gaming is becoming a popular pass-time activity in Kenya. Campus students can enjoy playing video games during their free time and on weekends. Look for a strategic location and get started.

Selling Flowers And Customized Greeting Cards

As a campus student, this is one of the best business opportunities you can try out. Celebrating birthdays on campus is a cherished tradition. This means that there will always be a ready market for customized greeting cards. On seasons like Valentines, cards and flowers are always in high demand. Doing business during this time will earn you good money.

Repair of Computers And Phones

Almost every student on campus owns a phone. These devices are crucial for studies, and it’s always a disaster when they are damaged. Business-minded students will go out of their way to acquire technical skills on how to repair damaged phones and laptops. Jobs that require technical skills pay handsomely, and since most people don’t go for them, they are a great business idea.

Sell Music And Video

Most students are crazy about music. Selling of music and video is, therefore, a lucrative business opportunity that campus students should try out. Students like watching movies and listening to music during their free time. This business is quite competitive and to stay on top of your game, you must do thorough research and know about the new music and movies in the market.


If you have a passion for photography, here is an opportunity to make money from it. You only need a camera, light, reflector and exceptional photography skills. You can use your weekends off from school to do an event photography business where you can photograph weddings, conferences, and parties. You can also offer portrait photography services and sell various packages for family photos and senior portraits. You can also sell your photos on online marketplaces such as AfricanStockPhoto.

Start A Fast Food Café

There is always a lot to do on campus. With the many activities going on, most students don’t get the opportunity to cook in their hostels. This is, without a doubt, a golden opportunity to start a business. This business will get a ready market anytime. You can even try to prepare a special dish; one that is not available in that part of the country.

If you have a passion for baking, you can bake cakes in your café. You can sell the cakes by visiting various hostels within your campus during your free time. You can also source for weddings, birthdays and special anniversaries to market your cakes. It may be a very profitable venture for you.

business ideas campus students kenya

Open A Saloon Shop

Businesses geared towards ladies tend to thrive well. A saloon is a very lucrative business that a female student can start. It is very time consuming, and it needs you to balance between academics and the business. To have a steady stream of customers, you need to know the trending hairstyles. Keeping a stock of the latest hair extensions and hair care products will keep the ladies coming. You can also move from one hostel to another marketing your products.

Laundry Service Provider

Some campus students love to look good but may not have the patience or enough time to do their own laundry regularly. You can start a laundry service where you will charge a small fee. You don’t need any capital or intellect for this job; just your time.

Start A M-Pesa Business

M-Pesa businesses are very competitive. If the campus you study in has a high student population, there will be a ready market, and your business is bound to thrive well. You can even take advantage of the business to sell airtime. Just imagine receiving a monthly income from one of the most profitable telecommunication firms in Kenya, it’s encouraging.

business ideas for students in Kenya

Open A Barbershop

Every male student on campus likes to look nice. Some female students love to keep their hair short. If you are skillful when it comes to haircuts, you can spare your evenings and weekends to make money. You can find a strategic location for your business, or if you are just starting out, you can start by visiting clients in their homes or at agreed locations.

Freelance Writing Jobs

As a campus student, you can comfortably make money through writing. If you have a passion for writing, then you need to know the best online writing jobs and get started. Some of the sites you can use to make an online living are:

  • Fiverr. You can freelance anything from $5. You can write articles or record yourself reading out someone’s poem in a nice voice.
  • Upwork. This site is currently the best and most professional freelancing website with lots of jobs and professional clients. Writers earn from $5 per 500 words to $100
  • Freelancer. You can easily get your first job on this site. The average pay is $2 per 500 words.
  • Homework Market. This site connects students with tutors that can help them do their homework. You can answer questions depending on your area of specialization.

You can also use African-focused freelancing platforms such as Kuhustle, Onesha, etc.


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