best countries for investment in africa

Best African Countries to Invest In

While some African countries are not ideal spots for investment, most countries in Africa have made significant steps towards building strong economies. The continent is becoming an investment hub for local and international investors. Growing …

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startup funding in kenya

How to Fund Your Business Startup in Kenya

Kenya ranked second favorite investment spot in Africa in Venture Investments Report of 2019 in terms of total funding for business startups. There is adequate financing for business startups from the government and stakeholders in …

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quick mobile loans kenya rwanda tanzania uganda

Online and Mobile Loans in East Africa

Similar to other regions within Africa, the East Africa community has experienced a revolution of mobile money. In fact, the existing mobile money accounts in the area have surpassed those of conventional banks. This upsurge …

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universal basic income in africa

Universal Basic Income in Africa

Basic income is an initiative that aims at providing universal and unconditional cash transfers to people. Universal Basic Income is not like a relief since people can use the money as they would wish. It …

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How to Become a Gas Dealer in Kenya

The use of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) in cooking in Kenya is increasingly in demand, since many people in urban areas prefer to use gas for cooking. Recently, there has been the establishment of many …

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how to start a salon business in kenya

Starting a Salon Business in Kenya

A hair salon business is one of the most profitable businesses you can start in Kenya. To make the most out of this business, you will need to be creative, committed, and have a passion …

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how to accept payment online in kenya

Platforms for Online Payments in Kenya

Online payments in Kenya are improving from day to day. This is due to the increase in online business and improved technology. It has made online payments faster, safer and secure. The following is a …

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how to sell products online africa

Top African Marketplace Online

The Internet has given a space for African sellers to conduct their businesses on online marketplaces. There are several online platforms in Africa that assist sellers increase their customer base and sales by going virtual. …

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How to get AGPO certificate in Kenya

How to Register for AGPO Certificate in Kenya

Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) was launched in 2013. Its main objective is to provide opportunities to the youth, women and people living with disabilities. Its main focus is to ensure that these marginalized …

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