best countries for investment in africa

Best African Countries to Invest In

While some African countries are not ideal spots for investment, most countries in Africa have made significant steps towards building strong economies. The continent is becoming an investment hub for local and international investors. Growing …

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Worst African Countries to Invest In

Africa is a continent with great economic potential, with most countries relying on agriculture and mining. Although many African countries are doing well economically, many others are lagging. In some African countries, it is challenging …

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how to invest $100

Best Ways to Invest $100

When you think of an entrepreneur, you probably picture a wealthy individual with a well-established business and a huge amount in his/her bank account. while that may be true, most entrepreneurs start small and build …

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renewable energy business

How to Start a Renewable Energy Business

The need for positive change and support in terms of energy sources in the world today is imminent. Therefore, starting a renewable energy business in Africa is profitable. Energy is getting expensive and scarce by …

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Top Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

There are many investment opportunities you can invest in Nigeria. Therefore, if you are torn between the best investment to put your money, we will provide you with valuable information. Figure out what investment best …

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how to buy government securities in tanzania

How to Invest in Government Securities in Tanzania

Tanzanian government securities are debt instruments issued by the government in exchange for money borrowed from the public. The investor will acquire interest upon maturity. Tanzanian government has two types of securities, namely treasury bonds …

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Top Investment Opportunities in Uganda

There are many investment opportunities in Uganda for anyone who wants to grow his money. Apart from a savings account, there are many places where you can grow your money and make significant profits. Some …

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profitable business ideas in Botswana

Business Ideas in Botswana

Botswana has a fast-growing economy with several business opportunities for startup entrepreneurs. Starting a business in Botswana is convenient for fresh graduates seeking employment, entrepreneurs desiring to be self-employed, and the employed who want an …

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Investment Opportunities in Kenya in 2021

Kenya is a great country, but, like all other countries, has been decimated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The economy is expected to have its worst economic slowdown since the past financial crisis. As a …

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How to Make Money in Stocks in Kenya

Stocks, also known as equities, are among the best tools to make money around the world. Most of the richest people in the world have made their wealth from stocks of the countries that they …

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