How to Register a Company in Zambia

If you wish to start a company in Zambia, you need to register it first before starting your operations. To be eligible for company registration in Zambia, you need to be of sound mind, be …

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best countries for investment in africa

Best African Countries to Invest In

While some African countries are not ideal spots for investment, most countries in Africa have made significant steps towards building strong economies. The continent is becoming an investment hub for local and international investors. Growing …

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best savings account in Botswana

Best Savings Accounts in Botswana

When you open and fund a savings account, the financial institution pays you interest on your savings since they use your money to give loans to other people. The interest you earn can be compounded …

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Worst African Countries to Invest In

Africa is a continent with great economic potential, with most countries relying on agriculture and mining. Although many African countries are doing well economically, many others are lagging. In some African countries, it is challenging …

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startups mistakes to avoid

Top Startup Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many new startups fail during the first two years of operation, while those already established do not make it past the fifth year. This is because there are several common mistakes that almost all entrepreneurs …

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business ideas for youth in botswana

Business Ideas for Youth in Botswana

The growing youth population entering the labour market has led to increased rates of unemployment in Botswana. Despite government efforts to address the problem, Botswana still has a long way to go in providing enough …

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Leading Peer to Peer Lending Platforms in Africa

Peer to peer lending is lending money to people or businesses without having to go through financial intermediaries. Peer-to-peer lending platforms have an online presence, and they match borrowers to respective investors. There are many …

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how to find a business partner

How to Get International Business Partners

Having business partners for your business is a great way to secure finances, cooperation, new ideas, new markets, and securing your business information. Getting business partners requires effective networking and you need to devote time, …

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how to invest $100

Best Ways to Invest $100

When you think of an entrepreneur, you probably picture a wealthy individual with a well-established business and a huge amount in his/her bank account. while that may be true, most entrepreneurs start small and build …

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How to Make a Living as a Comedian in Africa

The comedy industry has grown tremendously and many people are making a living from it. Africa has many comedians that have got recognition worldwide. Some of the best African comedians include Emmanuella, a Nigerian, Ann …

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renewable energy business

How to Start a Renewable Energy Business

The need for positive change and support in terms of energy sources in the world today is imminent. Therefore, starting a renewable energy business in Africa is profitable. Energy is getting expensive and scarce by …

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