startups mistakes to avoid

Top Startup Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many new startups fail during the first two years of operation, while those already established do not make it past the fifth year. This is because there are several common mistakes that almost all entrepreneurs …

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Leading Peer to Peer Lending Platforms in Africa

Peer to peer lending is lending money to people or businesses without having to go through financial intermediaries. Peer-to-peer lending platforms have an online presence, and they match borrowers to respective investors. There are many …

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how to find a business partner

How to Get International Business Partners

Having business partners for your business is a great way to secure finances, cooperation, new ideas, new markets, and securing your business information. Getting business partners requires effective networking and you need to devote time, …

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How to Make a Living as a Comedian in Africa

The comedy industry has grown tremendously and many people are making a living from it. Africa has many comedians that have got recognition worldwide. Some of the best African comedians include Emmanuella, a Nigerian, Ann …

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how to make money from bitcoin in africa

How to Make Money from Bitcoin in Africa

Since its invention in 2008, most people around the world have been skeptical about Bitcoin. There has been an ongoing notion that digital currencies are a bubble that will soon burst. However, cryptocurrencies seem to …

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how to get farm loans

How to Obtain a Farm Loan

Being a major economic activity in Africa, agriculture has created many job opportunities and improved people’s living standards. Agriculture contributes an average of 30%-60% of gross domestic product and around 30% of the value of …

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universal basic income in africa

Universal Basic Income in Africa

Basic income is an initiative that aims at providing universal and unconditional cash transfers to people. Universal Basic Income is not like a relief since people can use the money as they would wish. It …

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marijuana business idea

Best Cannabis-Related Business Ideas

Cannabis is a high-value economic crop, and several African countries have legalized its growth and use with the hope of growing their economies. Being relatively new, the cannabis industry is yet to be fully exploited, …

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business ideas people with disability

Business Ideas for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are often turned away from workplaces because of the notion that they cannot perform given tasks like people with disability. There are several tasks that people with disabilities can do effortlessly. Since …

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