Business Ideas for People with Disabilities

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People with disabilities are often turned away from workplaces because of the notion that they cannot perform given tasks like people with disability. There are several tasks that people with disabilities can do effortlessly. Since people with disabilities are often underrepresented in workplaces, there are some excellent business ideas that they can run effortlessly to make a living.

Depending on the type of disability, you can choose the kind of business convenient for you. The good news is that you can even work from home. The following are some excellent business ideas for the physically challenged.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type marketing in which a business pays you for customer brought by your effort. Marketing specific products for someone else for a commission for every sale made is a good business idea for people with disabilities. It does not require movement or manpower. You will need a laptop and an internet connection to get started. You can learn all about affiliate marketing

Website Design

Many businesses are moving online in today’s digital world. If you are a person with a disability, you can learn web design and start to build, improve and optimize websites for your clients.

Bead Making

Africans love beads. Tourists also like to buy beaded products as souvenir. If you love to make beads, it can be a good business idea to try out. You will need to have the technical skills to make the beads. Having a great marketing strategy will help your business make and retain customers.


Everyone has some rich knowledge about something that can be of great benefit to someone else. Disabled people can start a consulting business from home and impart knowledge to other people. With consultancy, you can decide to partner up or work alone. Consultancy services are numerous, including financial consultancy, insurance consultancy, tax consultancy, etc.


Knitting is another excellent business idea for people with disabilities but with working hands. Many people love knitted products, and you can start knitting from the comfort of home. Excellent marketing over the internet will help the business gain recognition.

Start a Bakery

If you love to bake, a disability should not prevent you from baking and trying out new recipes as you make some income. You can start your own bakery at home and start baking party cakes, wedding cakes, cookies, and cupcakes from your kitchen. To make the most out of this, you will need to get the word around about your baking business. You can do this over the internet or have someone distribute brochures and pamphlets for you.

Yiota Michaelidou is an entrepreneur from Cyprus who runs a baking and confectionery workshop called Paradosiakes Dimiourgies. She has problems with her vision, but she has managed to start and run a successful confectionery workshop.

Create a Profitable Blog or Online Magazine

Blogs and online magazines are a sure way to make good money provided that you have massive traffic and high-quality content that people love. Creating and managing a blog is a business that people with disabilities can do comfortably from any location. You will only need good content developing skills, a laptop, and a good internet connection, and you are good to go.

Jon Morrow is a guy who cannot move his hands, arms, feet, and legs. He can only move his eyes and lips. And despite all this, he has built a good life. He uses speech recognition technology to write articles. He does it from the comfort of his home while sitting in his wheelchair and speaking into a microphone.

Starting a Retail Business

You can decide to start a small retail business at your home and sell finished products that are in demand in your local area. This business will be convenient as your customers will come right at your doorstep. You can decide to sell clothes, flowers, coffee, furniture, etc.

Tutoring Students

With the increasing need for students to improve their grades, students seek extra tuition to make it possible. Tutoring is an excellent business idea that does not require much movement and is not labour intensive. You will only need to have the knowledge and a good background in specific disciplines to start tutoring. You can tutor students in primary school, secondary school, or university students in areas they are having difficulties and make a decent income. You can decide to offer home-based tutoring services or online services.

Freelance Writing and Book Writing

You can do freelance writing from any location provided you have a stable internet connection and excellent writing skills. With freelance writing, you can either write for a publishing company or work independently. Apart from freelance writing, you can try other freelance options such as bookkeeping, data entry, etc. Book writing is another excellent business idea that people with disabilities can try out.

Nick Vujicic is an Australian evangelist born with tetra-amelia syndrome. This disability did not stop him from being successful in life. He is a known motivational speaker and author of bestselling books.

Creating a Digital Product or Course

We are in a digital century, and almost everything can be done online. People with disabilities can create digital products or online courses to monetize their experiences and specialized skills. You can create an eBook for an online course that students will access as you earn passively.

Get Ideas from your Experiences

People with disabilities tend to develop business ideas from their frustrations or pain points in their lives. If you experience something unpleasant and overcome, it is a good idea to try to help others who might find themselves in the same spot.

A good example is Rob Smith from the United Kingdom. He founded his business, Active Hands, after being involved in an accident that left him with a high-level spinal cord injury. He struggled with picking up and gripping things. His mother helped him sew gripping aids (simple sleeves that he used to pull over his hands to help in gripping items). He later on founded Active hands to sell gripping aids.

Final Thoughts

People with disabilities have been able to rise above their disabilities and made amazing lives for themselves. Good examples are Richard Branson, Barbara Corcoran, etc.

Although particular disabilities may make some business ideas challenging to try out, you should not limit yourself, thinking that you cannot venture into business because you’ve got a disability. Pick a business idea that you are comfortable with, and you will be sure to make good profits. Always remember that disability is not inability.


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