Medicinal and Industrial Hemp Growers in Africa

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Some African countries have approved the cultivation of medicinal and industrial hemp while some are considering legalizing it. African countries that have approved to cultivate industrial and medicinal include Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Lesotho. The following are some of the companies that have been approved to grow hemp in specific countries.

The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) voted in December 2020 to remove marijuana from Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs where it was listed as one of the most dangerous drugs. The decision is expected to highlight the medicinal and therapeutic potential of marijuana as well as drive scientific research into marijuana.


Malawi is among the African countries that are actively involved in the cultivation of industrial and medical marijuana. The country has licensed several countries to oversee hemp cultivation and processing. Among the companies include Invegrow and Ikaros Africa.


Invegrow deals with the cultivation of industrial hemp in Malawi. It was founded in 2013 and was the first Malawian company to get authorization to deal with hemp. The company works closely with the government and research partners to conduct research trials for industrial cannabis.

The objective of the company is to adopt marijuana as a cash crop for economic and health benefits. Invegrow has partnered with small scale farmers to cultivate hemp and attract investor, secure international markets and domestic markets for Cannabis products.

Ikaros Africa

Ikaros Africa is a hemp-based company in Malawi that deals with medicinal hemp, CBD cannabidiol. The company is involved in the cultivation and exportation of hemp extracts and finished products to international markets.

The company’s hemp products include crude CBD oil, CBD isolate, CBD distillate, THC free CBD distillate, and winterized Decarboxylated oil.

The company earns the country’s foreign exchange while also creating job opportunities for Malawians. The company works closely with the Malawian government to carry out medicinal trials. Through the ministry of Agriculture, the company has managed to step up agriculture in the country.


Lesotho was among the earliest African countries to legalize the cultivation of hemp. Among the licensed companies to cultivate and process marijuana in Lesotho include the Medi Kingdom.

Medi Kingdom

Medi Kingdom was registered in September 2016 for the cultivation of medical cannabis. Together with a Manchester scientist, the firm has managed to form Medi Kingdom Research in the UK. Medi Kingdom is licensed by the Ministry of Health to cultivate, process, supply, import, export and transport cannabis.

Medi Kingdom has three sites in Lesotho, namely, Medi -Central, Medi-Heights and Medi-Fields. The firm gets funding from local and international private investors. It exports cannabis and cannabis flowers to Canada and other international destinations. The Australian Office of Drugs Control authorized the company to import cannabis from Lesotho.


Medigrow is an African network of legal African hemp growers. It has its presence in Lesotho, where it was commissioned in January 2018. The company is actively involved n the cultivation of medicinal hemp while considering training and skills transfer. It also aims at imparting the locals with knowledge on the cultivation of marijuana for economic gains through income generation. It can also help to spur the economy through infrastructural development.


Uganda has authorized the cultivation of medicinal and industrial hemp to boost its economy through exports. One of the licensed hemp growers includes Industrial Hemp Ltd.

Industrial Hemp Ltd

Industrial Hemp Ltd is a Ugandan based incorporation that deals with the cultivation and processing of hemp. The company was incorporated in 2012 and is licensed by the Ministry of Health. The Uganda Police Force supervises it.

The company cultivates and processes these two crops, hemp Sativa and marijuana. Hemp Sativa is processed to produce hemp fibers, bio-mass pellets, biofuel, hemp oil and construction materials, while marijuana is processed into cannabis oil and cannabis capsules. Also, the company is involved in the development of therapeutic, food, cosmetic and nutritional supplements.

The company is currently involved in the cultivation and introduction of strains o medical cannabis for medical purposes. The company is also involved in extensive research and doing research and trials for hemp seeds.


Zambia is among the African countries that have approved the cultivation of medical and industrial hemp.

Zambia Hemp Growers & Industries Association

ZamHemp (Zambia Hemp Growers & Industries Association) was registered in June 2020 to cultivate, produce, manufacture, and distribute hemp in Zambia. ZamHemp will act as a link between the investors and hemp-related industries in Zambia. Its close relationship with the government will ensure a secure supply of raw hemp materials to the industry.

There will be a division of labor in that some people will be involved in hemp cultivation, others in the extraction of hemp, while others will be involved in the processing of hemp construction blocks. Besides, some will be actively involved in hemp trading like oils for medical and pharmaceutical use.


Zimbabwe legalized the cultivation of medicinal and industrial hemp after a lot of consultations and trials.

Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust (ZIHT)

Zimbabwe Industrial Hemp Trust (ZIHT) was authorized to plant the country’s first hemp crop for industrial use. The crop is refined into paper, fibre and clothing products. The company is now growing six varieties of marijuana in Zimbabwe. The company was authorized to plant the crop for trials in Harare’s prison yard because it was securely guarded.


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