Best Cannabis-Related Business Ideas

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Cannabis is a high-value economic crop, and several African countries have legalized its growth and use with the hope of growing their economies. Being relatively new, the cannabis industry is yet to be fully exploited, and venturing into this industry can provide a huge opportunity to make massive profits. There are numerous business ideas related to cannabis for entrepreneurs in countries where its growth and use is legal.  This article will take you through some excellent cannabis-related business ideas. However, it is best to follow all legal requirements concerning the use and handling of cannabis in specific countries.

The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) voted in December 2020 to remove marijuana from Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs where it was listed as one of the most dangerous drugs. The decision is expected to highlight the medicinal and therapeutic potential of marijuana as well as drive scientific research into marijuana.

Countries That Have Legalized Cannabis in Africa

Rwanda is the latest country to legalise marijuana. The government approved the production of medical cannabis for export in October this year. Other countries in Africa are South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Lesotho, and Ghana.

Marijuana Business Ideas

With more African countries considering legalizing the plant, it is important for business people and entrepreneurs to start thinking about marijuana business ideas.

Cannabis Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing is an essential component of every business. There are probably many new cannabis companies that need an advertising and marketing agents. Specializing in advertising and marketing in the cannabis space will help you stand out from other marketers. You can specialize in design, email marketing, copywriting, ad-buying, or any combination, and be sure to make a lucrative income.

Cannabis Body Products

Cannabis has a wide range of benefits to the human body. Its use has benefits for hair, skin, and bones. You can make cannabis body products by infusing its derivatives into body lotions, hair shampoos, and conditioners. Using body lotions made with cannabis derivatives can help to relieve pain and inflammation. Additionally, hair products made from cannabis reduces hair breakages and loose ends. The benefits are immense.

Cannabis Florist

If you love something, you can buy almost anything related to it. The latest trend in the floral arranging world is cannabis bouquets. If you love to arrange flowers, you can offer cannabis-florist services for cannabis networking events, weddings, and even burials. Your ability to see the immense opportunities in this modern trend will help you stand out in the competition.

Cannabis Art Classes

Many people enjoy art worldwide. Art and painting events have been quite popular over the years, where people enjoy good company and create social relationships with a little alcohol. With people embracing the new cannabis-friendly laws, you can twist the idea a bit by organizing art classes, providing space, artistic instruction, materials, and allow participants to bring their own cannabis. You are sure to make money since cannabis lovers will attend the art classes.

Public Relations

Even with the legalization of cannabis in many countries, the plant still faces stigma and negative myths and misconceptions. This makes public relations experts highly needed to help cannabis businesses and potential customers overcome the stigma and myths about cannabis.

Marijuana Clothing

Selling marijuana clothing can be an excellent business idea since most marijuana fans like trending cannabis fashions. You can create high-quality t-shirts, socks, jackets, dresses, leggings, and ties for your customers. It is best to get customer opinion about what they love most and try to accommodate their needs. Good customer service will keep them coming back, and they will also get the word around about your business.

Selling Cannabis Edibles

You can consume cannabis in cooked foods, baked products, or in drinks rather than smoking it. Preparing and selling marijuana edibles is another lucrative business idea you can try out. If you love to bake, you can incorporate cannabis derivatives and flavours in cookies, cakes, and buns and sell them at affordable prices. Cannabis can also be put in drinks such as tea and juice and sold to people who enjoy consuming cannabis in drinks.

Cannabis Blogging

If you are an exceptional writer with a taste for good content, cannabis blogging can be your next blogging niche that won’t disappoint. Being a hot topic, there is always something to write about. You can decide to write about anything starting from laws concerning cannabis in different countries, cannabis growing tips, cannabis businesses, and so much more. It is best to create content that will drive huge fans to your page. Once you have a huge following, you can monetize the blog in any way you choose.

Cannabis Business Consulting

Entrepreneurs interested in starting cannabis-related businesses probably have a lot to learn. If you have rich cannabis-related knowledge, you can start a consultancy business and share the knowledge you have gained. Your insights on cultivation, processing, licensing requirements, marketing, brand development, etc. will help aspiring entrepreneurs build businesses based on facts. Starting this business can prove to be highly profitable. Just give it a shot.

Cannabis Packaging and Labeling

Being a relatively new industry, cannabis packaging and labeling experts are still on demand. If you have the skills to design eye-catching and unique labels or make products that will make cannabis packaging simpler, this is the business for you. However, as you design labels and packaging products, it is best to meet the legal requirements concerning handling the plant.

Cannabis-Themed Lifestyle Products

Cannabis lovers are likely to appreciate cannabis-themed lifestyle products such as lampshades, bumper stickers, caps, mugs, greeting cards, plates, shoes, key chains, etc. You can start creating unique and appealing designs and sell them at friendly prices.

Cannabis Lodging

Travelers will greatly appreciate finding a lodge that accommodates cannabis smokers. After a long journey or a busy day, travelers appreciate a good smoke. If they can find a hotel or hostel where they can smoke without any restriction, they can be permanent guests every time they visit that area. You can start a cannabis lodging business and make a fortune.

Cannabis Delivery Service

Delivery services are lifesavers to people with busy schedules. Just like how people embrace mail delivery, food delivery, etc. they are likely to welcome cannabis delivery with the same enthusiasm or even more.  You can partner up with farms where you will be sourcing your cannabis. Your clients can be processing farms, dispensaries, households, or even cannabis retail businesses. It is essential to ensure that you maintain the right temperatures to ensure it is not compromised during transportation.

Final Word

There are numerous business ideas in the cannabis industry, and as laws and attitudes shift, it is the perfect time to dive into the business and make a lucrative income. You only need to find an ideal opportunity that suits your needs and start making profits.


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