All You Need to Know About PACRA in Zambia

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The Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) is an agency under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry in Zambia. It was established under the Patents and Companies Registration Agency Act No. 15 of 2010. PACRA is responsible for business registration and protection of commercial and industrial property. Here’s all you need to know about PACRA.

PACRA History

Initially, the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) was known as the Patents and Companies Registration Office (PACRO). This was before the enactment of the Patents and Companies Registration Act. PACRO was a semi-autonomous and self-financing agency under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI). However, PACRO was later hived off from the civil service and was later commercialized under the public service reform programme established by the Treasury Authority No. 4 of 1997.

PACRA Services

The Patents and Companies Registration Agency offers a wide range of services in Zambia. They include the following:

  • Business Name Registrations
  • Patents Registration
  • Registration of Copyright and Related Rights
  • Establishment of Business Regulatory Services Centres
  • Accreditation of Corporate Insolvency Practitioners
  • Protection of Integrated Circuits
  • Trademark Registration
  • Registration of Security Interests in Movable Property
  • Protection of Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources, and Expressions of Folklore
  • Company Incorporation. There are two types of companies obtainable in Zambia: Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies.
  • Registration of Industrial Designs. A design is any feature applied to an article by industrial means for decorative effects. The registration process takes 12 months.

PACRA Online Services

To access online registration services, you will first need to set up an account and then log in to start the process. PACRA offers online services in two categories.

PACRA Business Registration Services

  • Name Clearance, where you will need to propose three names.
  • Reservation of a Cleared Name. Once a name is accepted, it is reserved for a period of 30 days.
  • Appeal of Rejected Names
  • Business Registration. The types of business registrations include; business name registration, local and foreign companies registrations, and business nature.
  • Filing Annual Returns where you will need to fill forms depending on the type of company. The process takes 24 hours.
  • Computer Print Out Generation. Computer printouts provide Companies and Business Name information. You must first fill in a search request and pay the necessary fees.

Moveable Property Registry System (MPRS) Services

The Moveable Property (Security Interest) Registry System is a site where all types of security interests in movable property are registered in Zambia. The system provides the following online services at different costs.

  • Processing of Client Account Registration
  • Processing Transfers
  • Registration of Financing Statement
  • Processing of Amendment of the Financing Statement
  • Processing Subordination
  • Processing of Notice of Extinguishment
  • Processing of Notice of Discharge
  • Processing of Search Requests
  • Processing Payments
  • Generation of Reports
  • Application Administration


PACRA offers a wide range of services to its customers for a fee. PACRA fees differ for the different services. There has been a new fee schedule since 11th March 2019. The following fees apply to some PACRA services.

Re-Registration of Business333.00
Annual Returns83.00
Application for Name Reservation166.00
Appeal against Rejection of a Name166.00
Registration of Business Name – By Corporation/Other166.00
Certificate of status of Business83.00
Change of Business Name166.00
Notice of Ceasation of Business83.00
Computer Printout for Business Names83.00
Printout for Historical Data – Business Name83.00
FOREIGN COMPANYRegistration of Foreign Company4,170.00
Name Clearance166.00
Annual Return833.00
Change of Company Name, Resolution1666.00 and 833.00 respectively


PACRA One Stop Shop

The PACRA One-Stop Shop is a business registration strategy launched in June 2010 by the Ministry of Commerce Trade and Industry (MCTI) under the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA. The One Stop Shop reduces the cost of doing business by providing investors and entrepreneurs with fast and efficient business registration services.

The One Stop Shop Structure

The accessibility of business registration services by both local and foreign investors is made possible through the One Stop Shop in conjunction with the following agencies:

  • The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)
  • The Department of Immigration
  • Department of Tourism (DOT)
  • Registrar of Cooperatives
  • The Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC)
  • The Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA)
  • The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA)
  • Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA)
  • The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA)

PACRA One Stop Shop Services

The One Stop Shop provides the following services

  • Registration of Business Names at the Patents and Companies Registration Agency desk.
  • You can incorporate a company and get your registration certificate.
  • You can register with the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) for the employee pension scheme.
  • Registration with Zambia Revenue Authority for VAT, Income Tax, and TPIN at the ZRA desk.
  • Loan applications at the CEEC desk.
  • Registration with Workers Compensation Fund Control Board (WCFCB) for the employee compensation scheme.
  • Application for the Preferential Procurement Certificate under the Citizens Economic Empowerment (CEEC).

Zambia Business Registration Under the One-Stop-Shop

The following is the business registration procedure under the One Stop Shop.

Step 1: Fill in the Name Clearance Form or the Business Name Form III through the Case Officer at the PACRA desk.

Step 2: Payment of necessary fees at the cashier.

Step 3: Upon payment, present your payment receipt and filled application form to the supervisor for approval at the PACRA desk.

Step 4: After receiving your signed certificate of approval, fill in the One-Stop-Shop registration form for tax registration (ZRA), employer registration (NAPSA), and MSE registration for micro and small businesses (registration is optional).

Step 5: Submit the ZRA and NAPSA applications at the respective desks. You will then collect your registration confirmation instantly.

How to Contact PACRA

The Patents and Companies Registration Agency has a physical presence in all provincial centres in Zambia.  The Agency is also accessible through its online portal. The following are PACRA’s contact details.

The PACRA Call Center is open from 8:00hrs to 17:00hrs on business days. Airtel: 0979235471/2/6/7, Zamtel: 0954882410/1/2/3, MTN: 0966778716/21/56/65


The Patents and Companies Registration Agency performs all duties as stipulated under the PACRA Act such as company registration in Zambia. Any change of service or fees on services offered is usually communicated on the PACRA official website.


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