How to Apply for Government Tenders in Ghana

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The Public Procurement Authority (PPA) is in charge of public procurements in Ghana. It was established under the Public Procurement Act of 2003. If you wish to do business with the Ghanaian Government, then you need to register on PPA. The body is to ensure fairness, transparency, and non-discrimination. This will ensure there is confidence in the public in procurement among stakeholders.

How to Get Government Tenders in Ghana

Register on Ghana Electronic Procurement System

To do business with the Ghanaian Government, you need to register on the Ghana Electronic Procurement System (GHANEPS). It is a web-based system that facilitates safe and secure procurement for goods, services, consultancy, and non-consultancy.

When you register on the portal, you can get tender notifications, submit bids, evaluate tenders online, get a tender award, and create and manage catalogs.

Register on Public Procurement Authority

To be eligible to do business with the Government, whether it is the supply of goods and services or to apply for a contract, you must register on the Public Procurement Authority portal. You need to provide the following details when registering.

  • The name of the company and its contact details
  • The physical and postal address of the company
  • The type of the business entity, sole proprietorship, limited company or partnership business
  • Company registration number and date of incorporation
  • Name of the business directors
  • Corporate membership if professional bodies
  • A list of customers your business has traded with before and their contacts

Once you have registered on the PPA, you are eligible for public procurement of goods and services.

Tender Listing Sites in Ghana

If you wish to get notifications for available tenders, you can always check on the following sites.

How to Write a Winnable Tender in Ghana

If you want to win tenders in Ghana for contacts or supply goods and services, you need to know how to write a winnable tender. Here is what you need to do:

  • Pay attention to the basics. When applying for Government tenders, ensure that cover letters are signed, and headings are clear. The letters have headings so that it is easy to find details.
  • Use the prescribed format. Make sure to use the format indicated in the innovation documents. Otherwise, that can be used as an elimination method to narrow down to a few tenders.
  • Offer solutions. You need to understand what solution is being sought. The see how you can create value-added solutions.
  • Demonstrate how you can partner. You need to demonstrate how you can partner with the tendering company by maintaining communication, resolving any company differences, and maintaining a long-term relationship with the firm or body.
  • Price is not the most important. You need to understand that the procurement team looks at many more other factors apart from the price. Therefore, state the best price that is fair for both parties.

Preliminary Examination for Tenders

There is a preliminary examination after the submission of tenders. They are done in accordance with the terms provided in the tender document. They aim to ensure that tenders are responsive to the tender document instructions and requirements. Among the things you need to confirm include:

  • Tenders have been duly signed.
  • The correct number of copies have been submitted.
  • Tax obligations have been satisfied.


The other thing you need to confirm is that your tender is responsive to the tender requirements. It might include but is not limited to delivery, payment terms, references, following stipulated instructions, punctuality, use of available benchmarks and providing important references.

Final Thoughts on How to Apply for Government Tenders in Ghana

Government tenders for supply of goods and services in Ghana contribute significantly to the growth of the private sector, particularly Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). Following the steps outlined above, you will be able to appy for government tenders in Ghana.


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