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How to Register a Company in Zambia

If you wish to start a company in Zambia, you need to register it first before starting your operations. To be eligible for company registration in Zambia, you need to be of sound mind, be …

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pacra company registration zambia

All You Need to Know About PACRA in Zambia

The Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) is an agency under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry in Zambia. It was established under the Patents and Companies Registration Agency Act No. 15 of 2010. …

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process of business registration in namibia

Company Registration in Namibia

Political stability and the presence of extensive infrastructure make Namibia perfect for business. Additionally, its business-friendly legal and regulatory framework, sound financial system, and stable foreign exchange reserves attract local and foreign investors. Company registration …

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How to Register A Business in Kenya

Kenya offers a flexible entrepreneurial environment to both Kenyan citizens and foreign investors. It is essential to meet all Kenyan legal requirements for business registration. Initially, company registration in Kenya was entirely manual at the …

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How to Register A Company in Ghana

Ghana’s economy mainly relies on agriculture, petroleum, natural gas, and mining. It has large deposits of gold and diamonds and is the 2nd largest cocoa producer in the world. You may want to start a …

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how to register a business in uganda

How to Register A Company in Uganda

Businesses flourish in Uganda, and many people are currently starting their own companies. Company or business registration is essential when starting a business. A business can function without formal registration, but it is sure to …

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tanzania company registration

How to Register a Company in Tanzania

The registration of a business name and company in Tanzania involves several processes, documents and government institutions. The Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is the institution that deals with all the company incorporations in …

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