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Online and Mobile Loans in East Africa

Similar to other regions within Africa, the East Africa community has experienced a revolution of mobile money. In fact, the existing mobile money accounts in the area have surpassed those of conventional banks. This upsurge …

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how to buy government securities in tanzania

How to Invest in Government Securities in Tanzania

Tanzanian government securities are debt instruments issued by the government in exchange for money borrowed from the public. The investor will acquire interest upon maturity. Tanzanian government has two types of securities, namely treasury bonds …

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Interest-Free Business Loans in Africa

In Africa, small business sector makes a significant contribution to poverty reduction and economic growth. Securing loans to grow your business can be tricky since banks are not always willing to lend to young companies …

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online business in tanzania

Best Online Business in Tanzania

Tanzania has embraced technology enabling entrepreneurs to move their businesses online. There are many online businesses you can conduct online in Tanzania. Online businesses help entrepreneurs to make money from anywhere around the world. You …

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tanzania company registration

How to Register a Company in Tanzania

The registration of a business name and company in Tanzania involves several processes, documents and government institutions. The Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) is the institution that deals with all the company incorporations in …

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