best countries for investment in africa

Best African Countries to Invest In

While some African countries are not ideal spots for investment, most countries in Africa have made significant steps towards building strong economies. The continent is becoming an investment hub for local and international investors. Growing …

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how to sell products online africa

Top African Marketplace Online

The Internet has given a space for African sellers to conduct their businesses on online marketplaces. There are several online platforms in Africa that assist sellers increase their customer base and sales by going virtual. …

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ideas for small scale businesses nigeria

Lucrative Small Scale Businesses in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country of many opportunities, including several highly lucrative small scale businesses that entrepreneurs can try out. Small-scale businesses require little capital to start but have great potential to grow and improve a …

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Top Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

There are many investment opportunities you can invest in Nigeria. Therefore, if you are torn between the best investment to put your money, we will provide you with valuable information. Figure out what investment best …

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women entrepreneurs in africa

HerVenture App Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of entrepreneurship globally, with most entrepreneurs being women. Despite this development, women-owned businesses often face growth challenges due to limited access to finances, exclusion from critical social networks, labour …

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five people sitting at table and talking

Government Policies That Encourage Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in African countries greatly contributes to economic development and sustainability since it creates more jobs. Thus, African governments are formulating significant initiatives and policies for the development of entrepreneurship. The following are government measures …

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woman using MacBook

Interest-Free Business Loans in Africa

In Africa, small business sector makes a significant contribution to poverty reduction and economic growth. Securing loans to grow your business can be tricky since banks are not always willing to lend to young companies …

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