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renewable energy business

How to Start a Renewable Energy Business

The need for positive change and support in terms of energy sources in the world today is imminent. Therefore, starting a renewable energy business in Africa is profitable. Energy is getting expensive and scarce by …

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profitable business ideas in Botswana

Business Ideas in Botswana

Botswana has a fast-growing economy with several business opportunities for startup entrepreneurs. Starting a business in Botswana is convenient for fresh graduates seeking employment, entrepreneurs desiring to be self-employed, and the employed who want an …

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successful startup ideas

How to Come Up With Startup Ideas

Having a startup business idea is the starting point for every entrepreneur planning to establish a business. There are many startup opportunities entrepreneurs can explore successfully, but it depends on the ability to come up …

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process of business registration in namibia

Company Registration in Namibia

Political stability and the presence of extensive infrastructure make Namibia perfect for business. Additionally, its business-friendly legal and regulatory framework, sound financial system, and stable foreign exchange reserves attract local and foreign investors. Company registration …

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photography of buildings beside body of water during daytime

Company Registration in South Africa

How to do a new business registration in South Africa? South Africa is the second-largest economy in Africa, after Nigeria. With its world-class financial sector and well-developed infrastructure, it is an ideal business destination. For …

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home business ideas in nigeria

Home Based Business Ideas in Nigeria

I will share with you business ideas you can start at your home in Nigeria. Working from home can be interesting if you have something to look up to. Home-based business ideas in Nigeria are …

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houses near high-rise buildings during daytime

How to Register A Business in Kenya

Kenya offers a flexible entrepreneurial environment to both Kenyan citizens and foreign investors. It is essential to meet all Kenyan legal requirements for business registration. Initially, company registration in Kenya was entirely manual at the …

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aerial view of buildings near body of water

How to Register A Company in Ghana

Ghana’s economy mainly relies on agriculture, petroleum, natural gas, and mining. It has large deposits of gold and diamonds and is the 2nd largest cocoa producer in the world. You may want to start a …

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