How to Register a Company in Zambia

If you wish to start a company in Zambia, you need to register it first before starting your operations. To be eligible for company registration in Zambia, you need to be of sound mind, be …

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green cannabis plant

Medicinal and Industrial Hemp Growers in Africa

Some African countries have approved the cultivation of medicinal and industrial hemp while some are considering legalizing it. African countries that have approved to cultivate industrial and medicinal include Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, …

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pacra company registration zambia

All You Need to Know About PACRA in Zambia

The Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) is an agency under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry in Zambia. It was established under the Patents and Companies Registration Agency Act No. 15 of 2010. …

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Interest-Free Business Loans in Africa

In Africa, small business sector makes a significant contribution to poverty reduction and economic growth. Securing loans to grow your business can be tricky since banks are not always willing to lend to young companies …

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