How to Apply for Government Tenders in Tanzania

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It is a great idea to do business with the Government of Tanzania. The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) is the regulatory body in charge of public procurement. It was established under the public procurement Act CAP 410. The body ensures that there are fair, competitive and transparent procurement standards. It monitors the entities procuring to comply with the set standards.

Tanzania National e-Procurement System (TANePS)

Tanzania National e-Procurement System (TANePS) was developed under the public procurement laws in Tanzania to ensure transparent public procurement. You need to use TANePS for all public procurements in Tanzania.

You can use the portal to register, get tender notifications, submit tenders, evaluate tenders and get contracts. If you are also looking forward to dispose of assets, procuring goods, work, or consultancy, it is best to use TANePS. To use it, you need to register on TANePS web portal.

Why Register on TANePS?

  • You become an eligible supplier and can trade with the government and get notifications for tenders.
  • Participate in tenders by submitting bids.
  • Receive notifications and activities concerning government tenders.

How to Register on TANePS

To register on TANePS, you need to visit the website and fill in supplier registration details. You need to provide the following organization details.

  • Country of registration
  • Tax identification number
  • Company registration number
  • Location of the supplier
  • Contact details of the supplier
  • Number of employees

Tender Listing Sites in Tanzania

You can use the following websites to check for the latest tenders in Tanzania.

Tendering Process in Tanzania

To apply and get awarded tenders in Tanzania, you need to follow these simple steps.

Locate Government Tenders That Are Relevant to Your Business

The first step to applying for a government tender is to find a tender that your business qualifies for. You can get such tenders in newspapers, tender listing websites, or Tanzania National e-procurement System (TANePS).

Make sure that Your Business is Fit for the Tender

After identifying a tender that your business can supply, the next thing is to confirm that your business can comfortably deliver. Make sure that you have the capital, staff and the necessary skills. If you don’t have the capital to apply and deliver on the tender, check to know if financial institutions can lend you enough money to make the supply.

Register on Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) Through (TANePS)

You also need to register on PPRA, the regulatory body in charge of public procurements. You can register online and provide the necessary documentation. You need to provide your business registration details and personal details.

Write a Compelling Bid

You need enough time to write a compelling tender proposal. Ensure that you provide all the necessary details about the tender. Check what the government agency is looking for and the evaluation criteria. If you have never written a bid proposal in the past, you can hire a professional to write one for you.

Find Referees

In most tender applications, you will need to provide referees. This can be customers that know your business well and you have traded with them in the past. If you have supplied to a government agency in the past, you can register them for a reference.

Submit Your Tender Application Before the Deadline

You need to submit your application details before the deadline closes. Make sure to submit the application early enough to give time for any delays that come along with the last-minute rush. Check through the application to ensure that you have attached all the necessary documents. You can crosscheck with the tender requirements list.

Keep Checking for Notifications

From time to time, keep checking for notifications for the tender. Mostly, you will get notifications through TANePS. You can check if your tender application was successful. Most communication is done through the system to ensure transparency in the tendering process.

Final Thoughts on How to Apply for Government Tenders in Tanzania

Government tenders in Tanzania contribute significantly to SMEs growth in Tanzania. Applying for government tenders provides you with an ideal opportunity to enhance the financial profile of your company. Make sure you register on Tanzania National e-procurement System (TANePS) portal to become an eligible supplier, submit bids and receive tender notifications.


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