How to Make Money Online With Online Courses

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Teachable and Thinkific are online video course creator tools that you can use to earn an income. They both have a large student base where they can interact with instructors. These tools market courses for you and others can be found on search engines for online courses such as Course Talk. This guide provides details on how to earn a living from the two video course creator tools.

1. Teachable

Teachable is a website where one can create and sell online courses. If you have a skill and you wish to make money out of it, you can teach people online. Maybe you are wondering if you can make enough money from Teachable. If you have a skill, you definitely will make a living out of it. The following are ways to make money with Teachable.

To get started, you need your email. There is no need for payment or credit card information. However, to start offering unlimited courses to students you need to sign up for one of the three paid plans, which start at $29 a month (billed annually). The platform has a test-drive feature, which is free.

Selling Online Courses

Teachable is a platform where you can get both video, audio and text courses on different topics. Through either, you can make money out of it by selling on-demand products. Get to know what your audience wants to learn and then if you have a skill; you can create a video, audio or write a text on the subject.

Selling eBooks

With the Teachable membership, you can sell ebooks. It would be best if you wrote an ebook in the pdf form and then upload it on Teachable. Ensure the audience can download the book. This way, you will earn from every download.

Sell Monthly Membership

You can create a membership plan for your members. However, you must keep on updating the value of the content so that your members can benefit from their membership. You can use Teachable to host materials for your members while you can add images and videos from time to time. Set automatic monthly membership fee so that your money is billed every month without chasing your members.

Teachable Affiliate

It is an excellent way to make a recurrent income. You only need to sign up for affiliate Teachable program. You will earn a commission for any sales made through your referral link. The good thing is that, for any person who signs up using your referral link, you get a commission. Therefore, this is not a onetime payment; since you can earn multiple times.

2. Thinkific

Thinkific is a platform useful in sharing one’s ideas and knowledge and earn an income. To make the best out of it, it is crucial that you grow your audience by marketing and selling your courses. Thinkific has superior technology and support for your business. Here is how you can make money using Thinkific.

Thinkific has three paid plans starting from $49 per month.


You can organize weekly or monthly masterclasses and sell them to your audience. You need to identify what your audience would be interested to learn. To make the best out of it, have a wide array of lessons that you teach your audience instead of having only one course. This is important, especially as you gain more new students.

Create Podcasts

Apart from videos, you can also create podcasts. Instead of selling eBooks, you can create an audiobook for your audience. Ensure that you remain relevant to your audience by surveying what they would like to learn. Then create a podcast about the lesson and then upload it to Thinkific.

Business Coaching

Online coaching can take various paths. You can opt to be a fitness coach, life coach or business coach. Create a video lesson on the topic you want your audience to learn and then upload it to Thinkific. Apart from videos, you can also come up with a blog and sell it through Thinkific, and reap a lot from its significant traffic.

Monthly Challenges

You can create weekly or monthly challenges for your audience to participate in. Using discussion forums available in Thinkific, they can interact with one another while participating in the challenge. To keep them motivated to participate, make sure to post supportive content and award winners. It makes the audience interested to participate in the upcoming challenges.

Selling eBooks

In Thinkific, the audience has the option to buy and download eBooks to read whenever they want. It makes it convenient for your audience since once they have downloaded the content, they can read it later. Market your site so that you have a big audience and make sure to post useful content regularly.

Create a Membership Plan

Thinkific has an option to create a membership plan for your community. Charging a low monthly fee for your audience will ensure that you have a big audience over time. Consistently provide your audience with exclusive content from time to time. Continue expanding your audience through your social media channels and blogs. This way, you can increase your revenues.


Creating and selling online courses is a growing industry. If you have a particular set of skills and knowledge, you can use them to earn an extra income on these two platforms.


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