How to Make Money as a Teenager in Kenya

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As a teenager, you hardly have any worries in life. You have no bills to pay and no dependent to take care of. What’s more, your guardians have a legal responsibility to meet your basic needs as well as some of your wants. All you have to focus on is your studies. As such, your teenage years are the best time to build a firm foundation for your future. In addition to taking your studies seriously, you can secure a bright future by engaging in profitable activities. With this strategy in mind, this article will focus on how to make money as a teenager in Kenya.

business ideas for teenagers in Kenya
business ideas for teenagers


Sell Homemade Samosas

Samosas are one of the popular snacks in the country. The good thing about this business idea is that you don’t have to be a professional chef to make tasty samosas. Watch several YouTube videos or ask someone to teach you how to prepare the sheets and the stuffing. In terms of capital, all you need is the ingredients. You can simply buy a kilo of minced meat at Ksh 480 and request your mum to assist you with other items from the pantry.

You don’t have to deep fry them; something that will reduce on your costs. From the fairly-priced ingredients, you can make several samosas and sell them at Ksh 30 each. Make your family and friends your first clients. Referrals from this group will also come in handy. For instance, supply the snacks during family gatherings, baby showers, and other occasions. You will be surprised by the substantial profits that result from this simple business idea.

selling samosa
Homemade samosas.

Be an Employee in A Family Member’s Business

Your parents, elder siblings, or other relatives probably own a business. If that’s the case, talk to them and ask them to assign you some duties for a small pay. For instance, if the family member sells products online, you can offer to deliver the items for the same amount that they would have paid the delivery guy.

To make money through this approach, don’t be hesitant to start from a low level. Whether it is running errands, cleaning the store, or carrying load, accept the offered jobs. By executing your duties diligently, you will earn the trust of your employer and get promoted to higher positions.

Utilize Your Artistic Talent

Over the years, Kenyans have learned to appreciate different forms of art. In fact, numerous individuals are making a decent living by utilizing their talents. Are you a good dancer? Can you create an appealing wall art? Can you play a particular musical instrument? Are you good in poetry? If you have said ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, or can identify another artistic talent that lies in you, consider monetizing it.

If you are not perfect in your craft, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. There are various training institutions in different parts of the country. For instance, if you a budding dancer, consider institutes such as Sarakasi Trust or F.B.I Dance Crew.

Once you have fine-tuned your skills, it is now time to identify platforms that will help you make money as a teenager in Kenya. If you are a dancer, singer, or poet, join a well-established group or start one. The move will increase your chances of performing at different events for a substantial pay. For those who are skilled in fine art, consider social media and referrals.

Mass media outlets are also a suitable avenue to market your artistic products. For instance, KTN’s Life and Style segment offers upcoming artists an opportunity to showcase their talents. With persistence and skill improvement, your talent will bring you money.

monetize your talent
Make money through your artistic talent.

Become a Private Tutor

If you are a teenager in Kenya, you are either a high school student or you just completed your “O” levels. Use your free time to tutor those in lower grades at a reasonable fee. You could talk to your guardians and other adults in your family and have your young relatives as your first clients. You can also talk to neighbors and parents of your current/previous school.

Sell Second-hand Clothes

Selling second-hand clothes (mitumba) is one of the ways of making money without the need for a large capital. You will find cheap pieces in Toi Market or Gikomba. Buy your stock depending on the targeted customers. Approach your family members, friends, and neighbors before expanding your market to other people. This group of consumers will help you lay a proper customer base due to the power of referrals. If you are not in a boarding school, consider marketing the clothes on social media.

sell mitumba
sell mitumba

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to wait for your 20s to start earning a descent income. In fact, some of the wealthy individuals started their business ventures during their teenage years. Based on your passion and available capital, identify an activity that will help you make money as a teenager in Kenya. With resilience and financial discipline, it could end up being a feasible career path.


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