Platforms for Online Payments in Kenya

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Online payments in Kenya are improving from day to day. This is due to the increase in online business and improved technology. It has made online payments faster, safer and secure. The following is a list of online payment platforms in Kenya. With these platforms, you can start receiving payments online for goods and services today.

1. PayPal Kenya

PayPal is the most common online payment platform used by businesses in Kenya and all over Africa. It is available in more than 230 countries, and it can support over 25 currencies. In Kenya, it is possible to transact money between PayPal and M-Pesa accounts. Therefore, it is possible to deposit and withdraw money from PayPal using your M-Pesa account. You only need an email account and a debit card to sign for a PayPal account.

PayPal Fees

PayPal has the following charges. When withdrawing 501-1000 USD attracts 1.375% and for 1001-2000, the fee is 1.25%. USD 2001-5000 attracts 1.125% while any amount above USD 5001 attracts 1%. The service attracts 1.5% of the withdrawal amount, while withdrawing using M-Pesa attracts 3% conversion fee for the total amount. Loading cash to your PayPal account using Mpesa attracts a 4% fee and additional bill charges.

2. PesaPal Kenya

PesaPal is the other best payment platform in Kenya. The platform is available in several Africa countries such as East African countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The platform is fast, safe and secure for one sending and receiving money. You can connect your PesaPal account to your Equity bank account or Cooperative bank account. It becomes even more convenient since you can connect it to your M-Pesa and Airtel Money account. All you need is to have an email account to open a PesaPal account.

PesaPal allows you to receive payments from a bank account, cards and mobile money services such as Mpesa.

How to Use PesaPal

To use PesaPal as a merchant to accept online payments:

  • Sign up as a merchant on the PesaPal website.
  • Integrate the PesaPal Payment Gateway into your website or online store or get PesaPal Point of Sale.
  • Set up your products and pricing.
  • Display PesaPal as a payment option on your website.
  • Test the payment process before going live.
  • Monitor and manage payments through your PesaPal merchant account.

PesaPal Fees

For online payments, PesaPal charges 3.5% for the amount below Ksh 5,000,000, 3.2% for amount between 5,000,001 and 15,000,000 and 2.7% for amount over 15,000,000. These percentages apply across all countries of operations in Africa.

Is PesaPal Legitimate? Is PesaPal Safe?

PesaPal is a reputable payment service provider in Africa, serving countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi. In terms of safety, PesaPal prioritizes the security of user financial information and transactions. They employ industry-standard encryption protocols and adhere to data protection regulations to safeguard customer data and ensure privacy.

3. Skrill Kenya

Skrill is an online payment platform that is suitable for freelancers and e-commerce. With Skrill, you can receive payment in any currency. Once you have received the money into your account, you can then transfer it to your M-Pesa account. Luckily, transferring cash from Skrill to your bank account is free. It is a fast and convenient platform. It is easy to sign up for a Skrill account and start receiving payments online.

4. iPay Kenya

iPay is the other best online payment platform in Kenya that is attached to Airtel Money, MasterCard, Equitel, Equity, Visa Card and M-Pesa. The other benefits that you enjoy from using iPay include free account opening, instant payments, you can withdraw funds and also, the user has 100% control over his or her account.

Besides, you can send and receive money locally and internationally with eLipa wallet. Since their services are online, you can get help instantly in case of any problem you may encounter.

iPay Fees

iPay charges are as follows: for mobile money is 3%, mobile banking 2% and credit cards 3.5%. Fortunately, these rates are negotiable.

5. DPO Payments Kenya

Direct Pay Online (DPO) is an online payment platform available in Kenya and in most countries in Africa. With DPO, your business can transact business in most African currencies. It makes it possible for customers to pay for service and goods in any currency of their choice. You can add a debit or a credit card to your DPO account. Besides, it also supports mobile money transfers.

6. PayU Kenya

PayU enables businesses to receive payment from customers from over 18 markets globally. The platform serves over 200 merchants globally, and it has over 14 years of experience. The platform has integrated M-Pesa for withdrawing, and it is also possible to withdraw cash directly to your bank account.

7. Rave Kenya

Rave is the other online money payment platform in Africa. It is among the best platform for your business to receve payments online in Kenya due to is secure credit processing. The account has advanced customer data, global access while it is free to sign up fees. It has advanced technology that ensures that your funds are secure. You can then link up the account to your bank account and start receiving payments from customers.

8. Dusu Pay

Dusu Pay is among the leading online payment platforms in Africa since it is trusted by many customers. It is free to sign up for an account. However, a merchant account comes at a cost. With a Dusu Pay account, you enjoy reliable, fast and secure payment options. A standard package is available at a fee of 9.99 pounds, while the enterprise package is charged 29.99 pounds.

Final Thoughts on Online Payments in Kenya

If you own a business selling products or offering services in Kenya, you don’t need to worry about how to securely process and receive money online. These 8 platforms we have covered in this article are some of your best options for online payments in Kenya.


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