How to get AGPO certificate in Kenya

How to Register for AGPO Certificate in Kenya

Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) was launched in 2013. Its main objective is to provide opportunities to the youth, women and people living with disabilities. Its main focus is to ensure that these marginalized …

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women entrepreneurs in africa

HerVenture App Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of entrepreneurship globally, with most entrepreneurs being women. Despite this development, women-owned businesses often face growth challenges due to limited access to finances, exclusion from critical social networks, labour …

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five people sitting at table and talking

Government Policies That Encourage Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in African countries greatly contributes to economic development and sustainability since it creates more jobs. Thus, African governments are formulating significant initiatives and policies for the development of entrepreneurship. The following are government policies …

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incubation hubs in kenya

Best Incubators in Kenya for Entrepreneurs

Startup incubators in Kenya have become the best sources of business knowledge and resources. Through networking, entrepreneurs can develop new business ideas. Entrepreneurs who have gone through a business incubator can maneuver through the business …

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woman using MacBook

Interest-Free Business Loans in Africa

In Africa, small business sector makes a significant contribution to poverty reduction and economic growth. Securing loans to grow your business can be tricky since banks are not always willing to lend to young companies …

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work from home jobs

Work from Home Jobs in Kenya

Working from home has gained popularity in Kenya. To begin with, technological advancements have resulted in the digitization of the professional world. Clients, employers, and employees have embraced the reality that one does not have …

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houses near high-rise buildings during daytime

How to Register A Business in Kenya

Kenya offers a flexible entrepreneurial environment to both Kenyan citizens and foreign investors. It is essential to meet all Kenyan legal requirements for business registration. Initially, company registration in Kenya was entirely manual at the …

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how to sell online in kenya

How to sell products online in Kenya

How to sell products online in Kenya? Ecommerce is a growing industry in Kenya. If you are planning on starting an ecommerce business, you need to strategise before establishing an online shop. The key factors …

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