Top Investment Companies in Kenya

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Kenya is increasingly growing as an investment hub both in Africa and the world at large. Investors from all over the world are setting up firms leading to economic growth. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of investment companies where you can invest. They range from real estate, SMEs to capital markets.

The following are the best investment companies in Kenya.

Centum Investment PLC

major investment companies in kenya

Centum Investment is among the largest investment companies in Kenya and East Africa. It was founded in 1967 as an affiliate of ICDC Bank. The investment firm deals with a wide range of sectors, including real estate, infrastructure, health, private equity, health and education.

The firm has assets valued for over Ksh 70 billion. The firm is listed in Kenya’s and Uganda’s exchange markets. Two Rivers Mall, the largest mall in Kenya, is an investment by Centum. Other subsidiaries include Bakki Holdco Ltd, Uhuru Heights Ltd, Nabo Capital Ltd, and Centum Business Solutions Ltd.

Cytonn Investments

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Cytonn Investments is mainly a real estate investment firm. It has its offices in Nairobi and also in the Metro area in the US. It also has investments in other fields like private equity, structured solutions and pensions. The firm offers services to global investors, investors with a huge net worth and local and diaspora investors.
The firm has invested over Ksh 80 billion in the following projects; The Ridge, Riverrun Estates, Applewood, Taraji Heights, Situ Village and Amara Ridges.

Dyer & Blair

top investment firms kenya

Dyer & Blair Investment bank deals with banking, investment management, securities and financial services. It deals with individual clients and institutional clients. Since it is an international firm, it also deals with international clients.

It is a key player in the Nairobi Securities Exchange and Uganda Securitas Exchange. The Capital Markets Authority regulates it.

ApexAfrica Capital Limited

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ApexAfrica Capital Limited is a brokerage firm in the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The firm is licensed as HAK Securities Ltd. It offers a wide variety of services, among them are portfolio management, research and corporate finance.

Olympia Capital Holdings

 best companies to invest in kenya

Olympia Capital Holdings is an investment capital in Kenya. It was formerly known as Dunlop Kenya Limited. It has some subsidiaries, among them Avon, Dunlop, Heri Heights and Kalahari Floor Tiles PLC. It invests in companies dealing in the manufacture, distribution and sale of construction materials like tiles and PVC windows and door frames. Other key industries it has an interest in include real estate, water pumps, fire equipment and cleaning chemicals.

Home Afrika

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Home Afrika was founded in 2008 and deals in real estate. Its objective is to provide affordable housing across Africa to improve livelihood among communities. It is a key player in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). It was listed in the Growth Enterprise Market Segment (GEMS) in 2013. Home Afrika has amassed considerable experience in the management of key projects in Africa.

NIC Securities Limited

investment opportunities in kenya

NIC Securities Limited is one key player in the investment industry in Kenya for many years. With the recent merger between NIC Bank and Commercial Bank of Africa to form NCBA Bank will see more investment by the firm. The firm deals in securities, bonds, treasury bills, online forex trading, secondary stocks and corporate shares.

Faida Investment Bank

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Faida Investment Bank is an investment firm offering brokerage services, managed futures, market research and corporate advisory. It offers secondary investment services in the NSE. The firm is license by the Capital Markets Authority and so far, it has over 20 years of experience in the industry. If you wish you invest, consider the firm since it diversifies your investment with different network companies in Kenya and Rwanda.

Kurwitu Ventures Limited

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Kurwitu Ventures was founded in 2006. It provides sharia-compliant investment opportunities to Islamic investors. The firm boasts of being the first investment company to be listed in the NSE, focusing on Islamic investors.

KCB Capital Ltd

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KCB Capital is a subsidiary of KCB Bank. It deals in banking, mortgage, insurance, construction, stocks and government securities. KCB Capital Limited helps investors to put their money in the best investment opportunities.

Afvest Limited

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Afvest Limited was founded in 2012 and deals in venture capital, fintech, ed-tech, real estate asset management, security exchange, financial services and renewable energy. Afvest Limited has been investing in solar firm Plexus Energy.

Kestrel Capital

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Kestrel Capital is a significant investor in the capital market. The Capital Markets Authority licenses it to trade in bonds and stock brokerage. Among the services it offers include; corporate finance advisory, NSE listings, trading in bond and stock brokerage.


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