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iPhone X beside MacBook

How Do I Set Up a Business on Facebook

Facebook is home to more than 140 million businesses that use it to connect with their target audience.  A Facebook page will help you reach many users at once, promote services, and boost brand recognition. …

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How to Make Money in Stocks in Kenya

Stocks, also known as equities, are among the best tools to make money around the world. Most of the richest people in the world have made their wealth from stocks of the countries that they …

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How to Start a Business on Instagram

With the fast-growing business trends, people are seeking to set up businesses on social media platforms.  Instagram is an ideal platform that people are using to build their audience and create engaging content to promote …

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how to make money from smartphone

Make Money From My Phone for Free in Kenya

Kenyans are yet to realize that their smartphones are potential sources of income. With the current unemployment situation in Kenya, you can take advantage of the latest technological trends to make money using your smartphone. …

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profitable business ideas in kenya

Untapped Business Ideas in Kenya in 2021

With the increasing level of unemployment in Kenya, there is a need for youths and graduates to seek other means of making a livelihood apart from formal unemployment. Kenya universities are churning out many graduates …

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