business ideas people with disability

Business Ideas for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are often turned away from workplaces because of the notion that they cannot perform given tasks like people with disability. There are several tasks that people with disabilities can do effortlessly. Since …

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How to Become a Gas Dealer in Kenya

The use of LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) in cooking in Kenya is increasingly in demand, since many people in urban areas prefer to use gas for cooking. Recently, there has been the establishment of many …

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How to Start Mobile Money Business in Uganda

Mobile money was introduced in Uganda in 2009. It is among the fastest-growing industries in Uganda. Most countries are moving towards cashless transactions making mobile money one of the profitable businesses. Some of the money …

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how to start a salon business in kenya

Starting a Salon Business in Kenya

A hair salon business is one of the most profitable businesses you can start in Kenya. To make the most out of this business, you will need to be creative, committed, and have a passion …

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how to accept payment online in kenya

Platforms for Online Payments in Kenya

Online payments in Kenya are improving from day to day. This is due to the increase in online business and improved technology. It has made online payments faster, safer and secure. The following is a …

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hemp farming in south africa

Hemp Farming in South Africa 101

Hemp was an illegal crop in South Africa but with pressure from local and international investors, the government finally legalized hemp farming under certain conditions. In a positive move to embrace hemp industry, the South …

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