How to Start a Successful Internet Cafe in Africa

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Before internet-enabled mobile phones, the internet café (cybercafé) business was a gem in the late 1990s and early 2000s in Africa. Those who joined the business when the internet first reached Africa made massive profits. Everyone wanted to know how it felt to get online but getting a personal internet connection was a problem. This is where entrepreneurs saw great opportunities in starting internet cafes that enabled people to access the internet at affordable prices. People visited internet cafes to read blogs and news websites, browse the web, use chat, and messaging platforms, check their emails, and make international telephone calls. All these activities made good money for internet café owners.

However, this changed when internet-enabled mobile phones made their grand appearance. Almost everybody on the continent can now afford a mobile phone. Additionally, internet bundles are now cheaper, and people can purchase any amount of choice. Internet cafes across Africa have been losing business since people can now easily access the internet at a lower cost.

The appearance of smartphones and cheap bundles has significantly transformed how internet cafes work in Africa. Internet Café owners are now required to offer skill-based services to their clients.

Tips on How to Start and Keep your Internet Café Business Running

Even with the availability of smartphones and cheaper bundles, there is still hope for the internet café business in Africa, and entrepreneurs can still start and run successful business cafes. The following tips are essential for a successful internet café business.

Draw a Viable Business Plan

Business plans are important for the success of any business. You will need to state the types of services to offer customers, startup capital needed, the source of your startup capital, the type of equipment you need to run the business, types of business permits and licenses, and ways to market your internet café.

Invest in the Right Skills and Knowledge

Any successful internet café business must invest in the right computer skills and training as the business is more than just providing internet access. Today, people and businesses will seek services such as designing business cards, company logos, letterheads, document printing, scanning, and lamination. As such, internet café owners or their staff need to have the necessary skills to serve their customers according to their needs. It is crucial that your staff continually updates their skills through training as the internet café business model keeps changing.

Choose a Strategic Location for your business

Just like any other business, the location you choose for your internet café will determine your success or failure. The cyber cafe business booms in busy locations such as city centres where there are many activities. Another good example is around colleges and universities, where students always need to work on assignments, projects, and reports. Government offices and courts are also not to be underestimated since they always seek internet café services to either type, print, or photocopy documents.

Provide Excellent Customer Care Services

Providing quality services to your customers will keep them coming back for your services. If a customer asks for a service, it is good to serve them in the best way possible. This will help you gain more customers since satisfied customers will likely recommend your internet café to friends and family. Being polite to customers is one way to keep them coming back.

Keep Your Costs Under Control

Your business plan should state how you intend to meet your operational costs. For example, it is best to purchase durable machines since poor quality machines will break down frequently, and you will need to repair them each time they break down. This will lead to additional costs, and you might not gain profit. Additionally, many internet cafes operate using electricity, and it is best to ensure that you have a steady supply of electricity with minimal power blackouts. It is also essential to keep your electricity bills under control.

Have a Fast Internet Connection

Although almost everyone owns a smartphone and can access cheap internet bundles, some people still visit cybercafés to access the internet. Since cybercafés charge customers depending on their time to use the internet, it is fair to ensure that your internet speed is excellent. Be careful about the kind of internet service provider you choose.

Services Offered in Internet Cafes

There is a range of activities that cannot be done using mobile phones, and people are forced to seek services from internet cafes. These include:

Printing and Scanning Activities

We are in a digital error where almost everything is paperless. However, there comes a time when we must print documents for a specific purpose. This is where we all need to seek the services of a business café. Scanning is equally essential as it helps you convert a physical document to a digital format. Business cafes can do well in areas with high business activities and around colleges.

Photocopy Services

You do not have to own a photocopier to make copies of documents since cybercafes offer photocopying services quickly and at low costs. People will always seek photocopy services from cybercafés to make paper copies of documents. It is best to set up your cybercafé premises in busy places such as near colleges or universities to make huge profits.

Computer Maintenance and Repair

Computer maintenance and repair is mandatory for the good functioning of any computer. The computer keyboard, monitor, mouse, and desktop unit accumulate dust over time. Cybercafes can offer cleaning services to remove dirt and dust. Computer software, such as the operating system, requires regular updates to remove software bugs. In case of a computer breakdown, you can visit the nearest cyber café offering repair services.

Finishing Services

Finishing services are the services that make documents look professional and presentable. They include shrink wrapping, binding, lamination, and framing. It is essential to keep track of the business’s current trends to keep your customers coming back. A good example is the current lamination and binding techniques that many people prefer. They include glossy lamination, spiral binding, and thermal binding. The different techniques are used depending on the volume of documents.

Graphic and Computer Services

We are in a digital age where almost everyone owns a computer. However, owning a computer does not mean that you can do everything that needs to be done using a computer. Or, rather, you might have the skills to complete a specific task but lack time to do it. Your best solution will be an internet café. Cybercafe staff will help you type long reports quickly and offer graphic design services such as designing marketing materials, company logos, letterheads, and business cards. Setting up your business premises in a busy location will help you make good returns.

Computer Training Services

Most cybercafés offer computer training to equip learners with basic computer skills. Computer packages offered in cybercafés include Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Internet and Email, Microsoft Access, and typing, among other packages.

Final Thoughts on Internet Cafe Business

Indeed, the internet café business is still profitable today. However, entrepreneurs aspiring to dive into this business should know that today’s model is more than just providing internet access to customers. You require the necessary skills and knowledge to start and run a successful business café in Africa.


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