Business Ideas After High School for African Teenagers 

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The high competition for jobs between teens and qualified professionals has caused unemployment among most African teens. It takes about one or two years for a high school graduate to get posted to a university or college. This causes a lot of fear since most teens do not have something to keep them busy while generating an income. This article will highlight lucrative business ideas for teenagers who just cleared high school.


Babysitting is on high demand in most African countries. It is because most nursing mothers are employed and have to report to their jobs. As such, they need to leave their children under the care of someone responsible. If you like kids and know how to take care of them, this is one business idea you should consider. You can post fliers within your neighborhood or tell people through the word of mouth that you offer the service.

Computer Tutor

Most teenagers are up to date with current technology. Besides, there are computer lessons in most high schools and by the time teenagers clear school, they are well trained and can teach others. In some countries like Kenya, there are community-based computer classes. You can take such an opportunity and participate in community development while generating income training computer packages.

Music Lessons

No doubt that music and dance specialists are always on demand in Africa. For instance, institutions like churches have training in music. If you are good at music and took a similar course in high school, this is an opportunity for you. You can visit institutions like churches and ask them if they need a music instructor. You can also advertise your services on social media and through word of mouth.

Selling Textbooks

You realize that when teenagers complete their high school education, they have nowhere to take the textbooks. Therefore, you can liaise with your fellow high school graduates to sell old textbooks. It is a business in demand. Most parents prefer buying old books for their children since they are cheaper. It is easy since you can sell to your friends who were in lower high school levels than you.

Part-Time Tutors

Most high schools employ their former students who excelled in academics to teach as part-time peer teachers. Most schools prefer students who portrayed a high level of discipline and excelled academically. You can also work as a private peer tutor to coach children in their homes. You can liaise with several parents to let them know that you can help their children in academics. With time and especially during school holidays, you should expect to have more students. It is something that I did after completing high school.

Garbage Collection

It is probably the most lucrative business idea for high graduates. I have seen it around my estate, where high school graduates organize themselves in small groups and collect garbage from different households for a fee. The business idea works better in urban and semi-urban areas. You can start with few homes, and other people will buy into the idea and get more clients.

Selling Clean Water

Most African countries do not have piped water. Most families rely on water from rivers and wells. It is an opportunity for young and energetic teenagers. You can buy a cart and several jerry cans and start selling water. The business requires little capital. You do not have to buy water since you can fetch from a river and deliver it to households at a fee. It is one business you are sure you cannot miss customers.

Vegetable Gardening

To do vegetable farming, you do not need a large piece of land. You can make good use of your kitchen garden or plant vegetables in containers. I have seen it work in my neighborhood. You can collect containers and plant vegetables like kales and fruits. For a start, sell the produce to your neighbors. If they like what you are doing, they will market your business through word of mouth, and you should be able to get more customers.

Event Decoration

If you have the skills in decorations, you can make a kill from it. You need to know about the upcoming events beforehand. Liaise with event organizers and request them if you can do decorations. Some of the events you can look up to include weddings, graduation ceremonies and other ceremonies. Most event organizers outsource decorators and you can build a name in it.

Manual Laborer in Construction Sites

It is probably a common business idea for most high school graduates. You can do some unskilled tasks in construction sites with the help of a qualified mason. You will be helping the mason in small tasks like mixing sand and cement and picking stones. It is a place you can grow your skill in. Many qualified masons began as manual laborers and climbed up.


Becoming a photographer is not very difficult. You only need training, which you can get from your peers and other photographers. This job is best for young people, especially because they are the ones who go out for shoots frequently. As a youth with good networking, you should manage to get more customers. Start small and grow your business over time. Organize your peers and request them if you can be offering them photo shoots.

Work Online

You can consider working online writing blogs or start a YouTube channel if you have some content you would like to share. You can ask your peers to subscribe to your channel. With many subscribers, you should be able to monetize your channel. Blogging can also be something that you can do and grow your website over time.


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