Top Business Incubators in South Africa

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Business incubators are essential aspects of starting any business. They are South Africa’s business ecosystem that provides the necessary resources for business people to start businesses. Among the resources available is mentorship, training, working spaces and experience. Some business incubators also provide funding to entrepreneurs. The following are excellent business incubators for entrepreneurs and startups in South Africa.

Business incubators for entrepreneurs and startups in South Africa.

1. Aurik Business Accelerator

Aurik is an incubation center that helps business to accelerate their growth rate. Entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses into higher levels should focus on this incubator. The program is business-oriented. As such, you will be provided with the necessary resources depending on your business type.

2. Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for SMEs

Cleantech Innovation Programme is a business incubator for SMEs that is focusing on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is an international incubator that is also operating in South Africa. To be eligible for the program, you need to have less than $1 million.

3. Transnet Enterprise Development Hub

Transnet Enterprise Development Hub collaborates with other organizations like Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) and the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in South Africa. The hub provides business development, financial support, procurement advisory, TAX, PAYE and training.

The hub focuses on the following groups:

  • Start-up and Micro Enterprises in identified rural areas
  • Black Woman Owned Enterprises
  • Black Youth Owned Enterprises​​
  • People Living with Disabilities Owned Enterprises

4. Black Umbrellas

Black Umbrellas provides mentorship and development programs to startups. It enables businesses to grow in small business spaces. It offers a 3-month incubation pre-program and 3 years program. To get eligible, you need to have proven skills and entrepreneurship skills.

5. Injini

Injini selects selects EdTech startups in South Africa and across Africa to join to participate in a 5-month incubation. Injini provides funding and dedicated support from industry experts and skilled business mentors.
Injini targets startups with high impact potential to improve education in Africa.

6. Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative

Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative is n incubator for new and struggling businesses operating in the steel industry. Its objective is to help those businesses improve their efficiency and product quality. This is through technology and the development of skills.

7. Timbali Technology Incubator

Timbali Technology Incubator provides business development in accounting, sales and management sectors. The incubation consists of non-skilled, inexperienced and unemployed youths. The incubation has provided an enabling environment through the establishment of Agri Park. It organizes small scale farmers and helps them market their produce by negotiating better prices with large scale buyers.

8. The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is a science and technology incubator. It is the innovation agency of the Gauteng Province, a subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency. The main objective is to provide mentorship, marketing, writing business plans and sourcing funds for small enterprises. It also seeks to address problems related to resources that small enterprises require to operate.

9. Maxum Business Incubators

Maxum Business Incubators consists of three incubators.

  • Maxum Smart. It provides growth support to nurture small businesses in the ICT and manufacturing field to create new jobs, promote technology and increase competitiveness.
  • Maxum Digital. It provides business growth to startups in the digital field. It supports unemployed graduates to create ventures into digital businesses.
  • Maxum Media Accelerator. It provides grown support to startups in the media production field. The incubator has partnered with media businesses like Brew Studio and Kagiso Media.

10. Silulo Business Incubator

Silulo Business Incubator provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to rent spaces in co-working spaces. They help businesses that would like to have shared working spaces. They also admit entrepreneurs that are just about to register their businesses. Additionally, they also create business logos, websites and design business cards.

11. The Awethu Project

The Awethu Project is an incubator aiming to help upcoming entrepreneurs from communities with fewer resources. You do not need to meet any education or capital requirement. All you need is to come from an under-resourced community with an entrepreneurial idea.

12. Meltwater South Africa

Meltwater South Africa is a training program that provides seed funds to startups in the technology sector. The incubator aims at ensuring the growth and development of startups within the data science ecosystem.


If you are an entrepreneur in South Africa in need of help such as funding, office space, mentorship, etc, you should explore the business incubators we have listed here.


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